Samantha Pleet 

Brooklyn, NY

"Samantha Pleet was founded in 2007 in Brooklyn NY after graduating from Pratt Institute. It is now an independent fashion brand that is a collaboration between Samantha and partner Patrick who is trained in Architecture. The brand was founded to offer whimsical yet meticulously designed style to smart and magical women.  We are so pleased to still be operating as a small business and still be able to create our dream clothes just for you each season! 

Samantha makes the patterns and designs each collections out of her solar powered townhouse in Brooklyn.  The garments are produced at a women owned factory in NYC as well as Fair trade factories in India and China depending on where our natural materials were sourced. Our new line of shoes are produced at a small fair trade women owned factory in China and the leathers were sustainably sourced in Italy.  Our pieces are meant to be treasured by you and handed down with love to friends and family in the years to come." Shop Samantha Pleet.


Plante (Coming Soon)

Brooklyn, NY

"Plante is a clothing line designed and produced in NYC. Now in it's fourth year, this brand has long existed in the imaginations of founders (and sisters) Leah and Becky Plante. Rooted in their hometown of Charleston, South Carolina, Plante aims to create garments that are unabashedly pretty, with unexpected details and impeccable construction. 

Plante draws on nature’s wildness, glamour, and beauty—blankets of kudzu flanking the highway, courtyard gardens redolent of tea olive, ancient oak trees draped in moss. Each of our collections explores one specific natural element that inspires us.

As nature enthusiasts, we are also committed to eco friendly practices. All of our garments are made locally, in New York City. We reduce waste by abstaining from over cuts, and donating our extra material to educational nonprofits." Shop Plante.


Tete Jewelry

Based in Zurich, Switzerland and Caracas, Venezuela.

"We produce minimalistic jewelry with characteristics inherent to women - feminine, with an edge and “delicate yet strong”- little bits of luxury that can be worn every day.

From the handcraftsmanship techniques used in the production of our designs to the concept of the brand, we seek to encourage the idea that beauty has the power to transform realities and that women getting empowered are crucial for achieving more peaceful and stable societies.

​We believe that little actions can lead to great results, and this applies to the simple and small gesture of putting on a piece of jewelry as a symbolic way to embody strength.

Each of TETE’s collections is created with the purpose of contributing to women’s advancement: our aim is to empower both our customer, and the direct and indirect beneficiaries of what we do.

 It is within our ethos to imbue a sense of confidence, inspiration, and self-expression in our clients, all the while emphasizing our commitment to social sustainability by supporting the sustainable development goals of decent work, gender equality, and economic growth." Shop TETE Jewelry.


Tabitha Wermuth

Based in Zurich, Switzerland and Caracas, Venezuela.
"The Bern based fashion label offers considered, modern design, structured lines and minimal details, timeless pieces that can be worn beyond the last season. We are always extending our existing collection. Used are solely GOTS certified natural materials. We design and fabricate everything in our Berner Atelier." Shop Tabitha Wermuth



Berlin, Germay

"The 'EDITED the label' design team creates with dedication and attention to detail up to three collections per season, inspired by the latest fashion trends from around the world to provide fashionistas with the latest trend pieces. And for every occasion - from casual city looks over feminine party styles to cute beach wear. From minimalist to exotic, from sporty to elegant - thanks to the diverse selection, every woman can develop her own individual style.
The name EDITED is our credo: We create special styles and present them in elaborate fashion series, which we shoot with inspiring models and photographers in the coolest places in the world." Shop EDITED.


Bendita Luz

Sevilla, Spain

"Each year, only a small portion of the 25,000 orange-trees in Seville is used efficiently, mostly to prepare jams. The remainder of the trees and fallen oranges are picked up by public services in order to keep the city clean. 

Benditaluz backs the recovery of this local resource and its transformation into a high-quality, naturally produced cosmetic product. Products that respect the environment throughout the manufacturing process.

We believe in personal care and welfare through the recovery of the natural resources of Andalusia while conveying the way of understanding life in the south, its light, its optimism and its elegance.

Tradition and innovation for everyone." Shop Bendita Luz.


 Newlily Paris

Paris, France
"Newlily, the new ‘‘Pop Bourgeoise’’ woman, loves summer’s fashion. All of their pieces are made in France from the best quality materials and affordable prices." Shop Newlily Paris.

LOST&FOUND accessoires

Bern, Switzerland

"LOST & FOUND accessories are designed in Switzerland by a team of four. Around a large table at our studio in Bern, we discuss ideas, test, glue and sew prototypes. As soon as a product idea is perfected, our prototype goes to Thailand. Bangkok is the home town of the family business, that crafts our little companions carefully by hand. A close relationship to our Thai partners originated over the years and after numerous visits on-site.

When working with leather, a considerate use of resources and respect for the environment are essential. We source our leather from a family business run by the third generation. The tannery is located near Bangkok and processes European hides. All accessories are made of genuine calf leather with a cotton lining, altogether carefully chosen from local suppliers.
For the manufacturing of our accessories we only use high quality calf leather. Strict controls guarantee a constant premium quality." Shop LOST&FOUND accessoires.