Growing up in Miami, FL was where my obsession with summer began, every day felt like an endless vacation. Weekend trips to the beach with family and friends, warm and sandy breezes gently caressing my face, refreshing fruit juices, laughing until my stomach hurt, dancing the night away, driving with the windows down, exploring new places in our city - this is what the endless summer feeling felt like to me. 


Then I moved to the beautiful city of Bern, Switzerland after getting married. Snow covered Alps, cozy blankets, hot coffee, snow days, and warm jackets for the majority of the year. However, after two years I realized I was missing that endless summer feeling and seemingly carefree lifestyle, and since life is what you make of it, I decided I would recreate my own take on the Miami summer feeling, in Bern. 


From this, The Summer House was created, a lifestyle store focusing on this endless summer feeling through women’s fashion and other ‘summer-feeling’ inducing goods that are found around the world. Curated labels with sustainability, and great quality products make up The Summer House, so they will stick around with you for summers to come.


For phase 1 of The Summer House, I am focusing on our online presence, where our summer story will be told through various social media outlets and of course, through our website (our online summer home). I hope you enjoy this summer feeling like I do, and decide to tag along for the ride!